• Gourmet 12 pcs cookware set

Mepra: cutlery since 1947!

Mepra was created in 1947, but the entrepreneurial story of the Prandelli family starts many years earlier. Today Mepra is a company with a worldwide presence, exporting its products and designs to each country in the world. 

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The Luxury Art

Mepra’s range of cutlery is beautiful in design and consists of modern, contemporary and classic shapes. The award winning shapes and finishes are combined in a new collection called 'The Luxury Art'.

Stile by Pininfarina

STILE by Pininfarina

An unique design by Pininfarina combined with the most advanced cooking technology to create an elegant and refined collection of high performance pots and pans to be used both for cooking and serving the table.

Glamour stone

The new generation

The exceptional non-stick properties of the Eterna non-stick coating applied on all stainless steel Glamour Stone pots and pans allow you to cook fat-free, for a healthier lifestyle. Try now with 10 percent discount!

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